Connecting Neighbors, Churches and Volunteers

Are you looking for ways to share your skills, find a deeper purpose, explore new interests, or be more involved in your community?

The Louisiana Annual Conference is “rolling out” the first of a series of mission and disaster preparedness events to be held in our six districts. Connecting Neighbors, Churches and Volunteers, slated for March 17-18 at St. Timothy on the North Shore UMC in Mandeville. 

This event will serve as the new standard for learning how churches and members can be prepared in case of a disaster, how to reach out to others in a disaster and how to lead or participate in local, national or international missions.

Audrey Phelps, Director of Volunteers in Mission & Disaster Response for the South Central Jurisdiction will be with us.  Her focus has been to educate those called to ministry through mission service in the ways they can effectively answer that call.  She is passionate about assisting people in discerning their call to service and connecting them in missional partnerships that are healthy, mutually supportive, and committed.

Who is this for and why should you attend? 

  • Pastors, Lay Leaders, Trustees and Finance Committee members--learn how to ready your congregation for mission and disaster preparedness.
  • Local Church small groups—find out how to effectively respond to those in need and how to explore your capacity for various disaster response ministries. 
  • Missions Coordinators and adult workers with youth —find out about the effects of poverty and the importance of spiritual leadership when serving others.
  • Mission Team Leaders – learn all of the tools needed to be an effective and successful leader of short term missions locally, nationally, and internationaly. (formally LAVIM Leadership Training)
  • ERT Re-Certification for those who are currently certified.


As you look at the courses below, please take a moment and let us know which of the course offerings you are most interested in. 

Track One: Connecting Neighbors

  • Module One: Ready Congregants focuses on preparing individuals and families to be disaster-ready. Participants will be inspired to take action in order to prepare themselves, their households and others before and immediately following a disaster.
  • Module Two: Ready Churches emphasizes the importance of protecting church property and the people within the property, before and immediately following a disaster, and of appropriate use of church property in disaster response.
  • Module Three: Ready Response encourages churches to explore their capacity for various disaster response ministries and to consider ways to engage community partners.

Track Two: Louisiana Volunteers in Mission Leadership

  • Module One: Servant Leadership is a lifestyle.  This workshop shares the theology, culture and spirituality of mission.
  • Module Two: What is Poverty? This workshop focuses on understanding and defining the realities of poverty, as well as the importance of responding to need while building relationships and cultural understanding.
  • Module Three: Team Leader Toolkit. This segment provides potential mission team leaders and team members with all the tools necessary to plan and safely lead any mission team

Track Three: ERT Recertification

  • Did you know that you could renew your ERT Certification by taking two Level 200 courses? Here is your chance! If you are a certified ERT member, but three years have lapsed since your certification, you can become recertified by taking higher level ERT classes. The offering for this session is "Chainsaw Safety". 
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What is Poverty?
Team Leader Toolkit
Servant Leadership
Ready Response
Ready Congregants
Ready Churches
ERT Recertification
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The cost of this event is $40. This does not include travel or hotel accomodations. 

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