Peacemaker Grant

Purpose: to equip the local church as a peacemaker in a time of social unrest or protest

Grant: $500 for the purchase of supplies : water, snacks, first aid supplies, sunscreen, and symbols of peace (i.e. cross stickers, peace emblems, scripture cards)

To Be Used: as tools by the local church to provide hospitality and care to the public. All supplies are to be shared without discrimination or political intent except to speak of the love of Christ.

To Access: Contact the Conference Office, a member of the Mission and Mercy Team. The grant will be approved with in 24 hours of the request with the verbal approval of three members of the M & M Team. Approval and conditions will be documented by email to the Chair, Secretary, and Financial Officer of the M & M Team.

All costs to be reimbursed with receipts for the amount of the grant or up to $500. * Always the safety of church members or representatives is of utmost priority.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of church
*What do you hope to accomplish with this grant?
*Please give us a brief description of the situation to which you are responding.
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