Peacemaker Quick Action Grant Application

Purpose: To equip the local church as a peacemaker in a time of social unrest or protest.

Applications will be received year-round.


*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
*Project Name/Event
Director of Project or Contact Person

(If different than above)

*Type of Application
First Time Applicant
Repeat/Renewal Application
If this is a repeat application

Please list the date of the most recent application

Project Description
*What are the goals for the project?
*What are the target start and end dates?
*What is the target population?

What are the population’s specific needs? Do you anticipate a certain number of people to be served? If so, how many? What are the needs of the people being served?

Are there any partnering churches or organizations?

If so, please describe. 

*Who will be needed?

Please describe the Staff/personnel/volunteers involved

What facilities will be used?

(On-site, off-site, e.g.)

Grant Participation
*I understand that this grant may only be used for the purchase of supplies, such as water, snacks, first aid supplies, sunscreen, and symbols of peace (i.e., cross stickers, peace emblems, scripture cards).
*I understand that these tools/supplies are to be used by the local church to provide hospitality and care to the public.
*I understand that all supplies are to be shared without discrimination or political intent except to speak of the love of Christ.
*I/we will submit receipts for the amount of the grant up to $500 for costs incurred.
* I/we understand that we may share photographs and/or written text, which may be used to publicize this grant program.
*I have requested my District Superintendent to send an email endorsement with signature to verify their knowledge and support of this request.
*Amount of Grant Request

The maximum you can request for this grant is $500.

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