Support Action Ministries (SAM) Grant Application

Purpose: To provide a portion of the initial funding necessary for a local church to establish a new mission project.


*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
Director of Project or Contact Person

(If different than above)

*Type of Application
First Time Applicant
Repeat/Renewal Application
Project Description
*What are the goals for the project?
*What are the target start and end dates?
Are there any partnering churches or organizations?

If so, please describe. 

*Who will be needed?

Please describe the Staff/personnel/volunteers involved

*What facilities will be used?

(On-site, off-site, e.g.)

*What are the project's long range goals?
*What are the projects plans for future funding?
*Attach project itemized budget

Budget must include the following:

  • Anticipated sources of income (ex: this grant, other grant names, local church support, community support, fees to be charged, other)
  • Anticipated expenditures (ex: supplies, curriculum, food, software, salaries/wages, other)
  • Total anticipated income and expenditures
Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

Grant Participation
*I understand that priority funding from this grant will be given to church-sponsored mission projects for local communities, local church youth/children’s programs, and salary supplements for mission project staff.
* I understand that no funds will be provided for transportation ministries, local church staff salaries, or day care programs.
*I/we will submit an end-of-project/end-of-year project assessment, including a closing budget accounting.
*I/we understand that some portions of our end-of project/year assessment may be used to publicize
*I have requested my District Superintendent to send an email endorsement with signature to verify their knowledge and support of this request.
*Amount of Grant Request

The maximum amount you can request is $2,000.

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