Vital Conversations Grant

The Louisiana Annual Conference Commission on Religion and Race is seeking to fund initiatives up to $500 that will support vital conversations about race, cultural diversity, xenophobia, privilege, and systemic equality. 


The Louisiana Annual Conference Commission on Religion and Race invite two churches (one must be United Methodist) of differing and diverse races, ethnicities, and countries of origin to partner together to host and lead intentional conversations on race, cultural diversity, privilege, and systemic equality. 

An example would be a predominantly white congregation and a predominantly African-American church partnering together to hold a discussion about the issues in the community they reside. 


These conversations can be held in a variety of ways depending on what is most effective and helpful for each community. It could be through a meal where the diverse congregations have intentional discussion about their own experiences, through a seminar with a speaker, through a discussion assisted by a video, or through a short-term study. Other programs will be considered for the grant as well. 


Consideration will be given to team churches of two diverse races and ethnicities who hold a discussion that uphold the core values of the United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race which are based on the biblical imperative of right relationships with God and one another–relationships of: Love, Grace, Equity, Justice, Respect, and Mutual Accountability.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of church
*Names of congregations partnering together
*What do you hope to accomplish with this grant?
*What are your plans for having these conversations around religion and race?
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